Friday, January 12, 2007

Ala Gypsy: Don`t you just love flowers??

Don`t you just love flowers?

I have to take out the last of my birthday flowers today, and thinking about that just made me realise how it lifted my spirit to have bunches of fresh flowers throughout the whole house. Living in South Africa, where water is scarce, flowers are expensive and a luxury. You don`t always have a house filled with flowers

One of the things I enjoy most when visiting my brother and sister in law in the Netherlands is the wonderful, wonderful flowers EVERYWHERE!! And the way they present it is amazing

Point......I must have flowers....lots of it. It inspires me, make me happy, feel luxurious, feel exuberant........feel right......must have flowers!!!!


Carol said...

Hi Chamara,

thank you for your kind e-mail, I'm glad you've found my blog and liked it! :D Stop by anytime you like I'm looking forward to your comments!

Oh yes flowers are very important to me as well and I'm very thankful for having a garden where I can grew them.

Happy belated birthday wishes to South Africa btw.! I'm sure you can enjoy lovely warm weather at the moment. We have a very wet and stormy weather for the last weeks, but still no real winter weather, very strange! Will you also take photos of your home and garden and post them here on your blog?

NuNu ... said...


Being a flowerchild myself I so much enjoy the happiness flowers bring with that wonderfull smell and the soft touch they give your home. Love your blog and hope to see you dance all year!

NuNu Pixi

mosaic queen said...

Thank you for the wonderful eye candy!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

I love the painting!! Wow!! Did you do it?

Altered Belly said...

Hi. I could not find your email anywhere on the blog. Yes, you can put my string stuff from Bernie's book on your blog. Glad you liked it. If you do the swap, then you might get one. The swap is in the Art Techniques group. Due date is mid February. Belinda

IndigoGirl said...

Thanx for the beautiful flowers! I do believe that flowers can alter your state of mind! And even better for me than fresh flowers, is a flower bed outside, that i can water every day!

Love the blog, Gypsy... keep spreading your cheerfullness!


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