Monday, January 22, 2007

Ala Gypsy: I love spy stories

Oh I just love spy and detective stories!!! I think sometimes my family get a little bored with me , having to watch with me.....not that I get an awful lot of time to watch TV lately, but if and when I watch...I LOVE the spy stories
When I was growing up I just knew this was my mission in life and I was set on it to become the greatest detective in the country. I think their little girl, gave my parents quite a fright....they made a plan and took me to our local police station and without my knowledge arranged with the local detective to have a talk with me and highlight the terrible dangers that "goes with the job". Oh boy, how much more colourful and exciting it became.....thank you detective!!!!
It never became my job, but it didn`t stop me from dreaming about it and it never stopped me from trying to solve every single story we watch.......... sorry folks


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