Monday, January 15, 2007

Ala Gypsy: I`m singing and dancing in the rain.......

It`s been raining for a full day now.......I mean pouring rain.........and I love it.
I love the sound.....the smell......the music it makes....the wildness it stirs inside me.....
I love this weather and remember so many rainy and a good book under a blanket, studying hard with the sound of the rain cheering me on, pouring wet and loving every minute of it, walking barefoot and splashing the puddles in the dirt road.........oh so many you`ll get bored
Today I`m making music in the rain and my heart is dancing wildly, enjoying the shiny jewels pouring from the sky

A Minuet of Rain...

A minuet of rainfalls lightly on my face,
I surrender to the whisper of an ephemeral embrace.
Pearlescent wisps above me pirouette on polar winds,
they too can hear the music as nature’s symphony begins.
A soft percussive rustle erupts from distant trees,
whilst naked swaying saplings seduce the fleeing breeze.
Seized by nature’s rapture this music warms my soul
a fusion of harmonics that fuels the freedom to let go.
A rhapsody of wonder, a sonata of pure sounds.
The tempo of my heartbeat syncopates with my surrounds.
Justine Zaritsky


IndigoGirl said...

Ah! A Minuet of Rain! I can't not dance!

Izabella said...

oh so lovely~ I miss the rain, here in Vegas, we do not receive much~ xo!!


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