Sunday, January 14, 2007

Ala Gypsy: There`s method in my madness

You don`t want to see the chaos in my house right now!!
We are moving.......rooms around...and most of everything that needs to be moved back, is currently "living" in my dining room. It`s weekend and we are having the children over to celebrate all the good news of the last week. This will surely be a test for them as part of the house looks like an adventure trail.
Me......I want to get it sorted out, BUT and a very big but, I do want to get everything in it`s own right place and not the ..."just put it there for now" kind of organising. I`m excited, as we are moving the office and my creative working space.
I can`t wait to get that little room ready and start cutting and pasting and painting and trying out my new materials I got for Christmas!!! The best treat is that I get to decorate a space that is entirely my own.
I love is one of the big love`s of my life...and yes, I`m planning, putting cut-outs, samples and ideas together. Around me is chaos...........but I have a plan


IndigoGirl said...

Knowing you, I know your methods! And believe me, if it's making you seem mad.... we are all mad!

Just keep at it, in the end you're gonna be glad you did. And once you can start being creative in your space, you're gonna enjoy urself so much!!!!

NuNu ... said...

Chaotic artist, now that's something to be proud of! I'm mad, chaotic and totally confused at the same time, so don't worry gypsy, there's always a place for you in pixi land!! Love your blog, it's so much fun and I get a lot of creative inspiration!


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