Thursday, January 18, 2007

Creative Found: Michal Negrin

I found this amazing Israeli designer through a calender.....thought " MUST HAVE THIS"......found her website and fabulous things on e-Bay
Michal Negrin`s designs are at the same time romantic, bohemian, vintage....and you just want it!!
For more than two decades, she has been designing and creating unique and romantic items which can be found in the narrow streets of Prague and Windsor, the luxuries shopping malls in Las Vegas, New York and Tokyo, and in her home country, Israel.
Please have a look at the site and enjoy the jewelery, stationary, clothes, household items and so much more: site alone is eye candy


Linda said...

I love this jewelry. Did you know that they have a couple of really cute shops in Paris? There are so girly and feminine that women always sort of sigh when they see it. They have some clothing too.

Di Overton said...

I bought a pair of Michal Negrin's earrings in a beautiful shop situated inside the fleamarket in Nice 4 years ago and I have worn them every day since then. Just can't not. Everytime someone sees them for the first time they comment on them.

ULLA said...

Amazingly I bought a pair of her earrings years ago, how great to see that theres a websight now!!!

Violette said...

yes, i love it too ! I first saw it in a corner at the "Printemps" store in Paris. Lovely designs !

Clare said...

I first saw the jewellery in Prague 2 years ago and was smitten! I love it so much! I had a trip to the Windsor shop in December and bought the mobile phone! It was my birthday and unknown to me, my husband arranged for Michal Negrin to send me a card - unfortunately it didn't arrive until after Christmas but it has pride of place on my dressing table!


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