Friday, February 23, 2007

Ala Gypsy: The heatwave and my complection......

You have no idea......absolutely no idea how hot it is here!!!

We have a heatwave here in South Africa with temperatures more than 40 degrees and this has been going on for a week now......... it`s no jewellery, no make-up, no sleeves, no-anything that can cling to you and make it feel worse-time

When I saw this vintage ad, I first chuckled at the text and then I looked up and saw myself and wanted to get into that image for more reasons that one.......I definitely would prefer the "first looking-glass" of women to a mirror at this stage. And the powder.... I can definitely use that...almost every 5 minutes .....for indeed ........I "need to shrink from the closest scrutiny"......oh my.....look`s me dancing there....wearing "As-The-Petals" talcum

Read the text and enjoy.....


Anonymous said...

Tell me about it!!!! Everyday was a cold shower for me, but that also just helped for 10 min then I started to sweat like a racing horse again. Lovely!

Linda said...

Somehow I missed the fact that you live in South Africa. It is still winter here in France but it has been really mild. I'm expecting a very hot summer.

Hilde C. said...

The pictures from Designers Guild are beautiful. It sounds like you are having a hard time with all the heat - I can volunteer and send you a bag of snow - we've got too much of it right now ;-)

signing as said...

lovely site will visit again, thanks for your comment on my art at the name

signing as said...

seem to have a name problem , signing as is patri at altered- images-artspace

stilettoheights said...

oh, the heat can be so awful, I would die with out powder, I am obsessed with "looking shiny" all the time, I always ask my bf and he just looks at me and says "I don't know what that means"....

be careful in the heat!!!!

Meggie said...

I love how it says that pools in the forest only showed "the most beautiful reflections"--so true. Who needs mirrors anyway! Haha. I've been experiencing the opposite phenomenon in Canada--when it gets cold here your skin gets incredibly dry. Oh for a happy medium!

laetitia said...

I had forgotten it was summer time in south Africa.., here the winter has never been so "warm" around 15° instead of 0°!we don't need coat anymore!

Sunflower said...

Your blog is so interesting. I really enjoy visiting it.

You visited my blog today....
and made a comment about our Fairy Castle. Thank you so much for visiting!! Yes, my husband and I made the Fairy Castle (or treehouse as we also call it). I will be adding more pictures today.

Thanks and I look forward to visiting your blog a lot!! How did so many people visit your blog just since December?? Wow!! I wish that many people would visit my blog! That's fantastic!!


Waspgoddess said...

As the rain relentlessly continues outside my window I dream of lazy sunny, summer days...

Love the vintage ad, it's beautiful. Where did you find it?

AnnieElf said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AnnieElf said...

OK. Definitely had me confused there for a moment Gypsy. We aren't talking ferenheit are we? LOL

Barb said...

75 cents for a box! My goodness, this ad must be a hundred years old. :-)

Thank you for stopping by my place. Come again soon.

Izabella said...

just wanted to thank you for being there, I love it when you leave your sweet comments on my blog, you are such an inspiration to me!

xo ~Bella

Mo'a said...

It is cold here and I am sendig cool breezes to you:)
Lovely immage of you dancing a ribbon dance.

Di Overton said...

WHAT? Heatwave, you should be here in wildest Northumberland it's freezing. Having said that I can't stand it too hot either.

Pooja said...

Sounds like Rajasthan (India) in the summers

Joy said...

I would love for it to be warm and sunny here... it's cold and snowed again last night!!

Love the vintage add - very poetic (maybe that's their idea of marketing??)

Stay cool!

Betty Jo said...

Bless you. I have a very difficult time when it is hot. I hope it cools off for you soon. What a gorgeous vintage ad.

Violette said...

It sounds great !! I mean the dance. You look just like a magic feather !

The heat is not the best for being creative, but i wonder if you have air-conditionning at home ?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like August in Carolina to me. I comiserate, Chamara.

The ad is great! Imagine talcum powder for only 30 cents! Lovely art. And I'm with you on preferring the "first looking-glass." Thanks for sharing this!

cityfarmer said...

Maybe just maybe you could fan some of that heat toward the midwest...thank you!

The Decorated House said...

I understand heat. Florida can be really sticky, too.
Stay cool!

vanessa said...

I am so glad it is not summer here. Arizona. At least it is a dry heat. I adore Powder. I use it every day. Shall I send a crate??? Sendin thoughts of icecube insulated rooms!!

casapinka said...

Chamara, I also missed the fact that you are in S. Africa. We shall send you a bit of our North American winter. Makes you want to just move the fridge in front of your couch, doesn't it?

Sunflower said...


I just wanted to tell you that Yes! it would be wonderful if you wanted to post some of my little fairy furniture on your blog!! That would be so great, thank you! You visited my blog and I appreciated your wonderful comments so much!! I love your blog and it looks like tons of other people do, too!! You share so many interesting things!!
If you do post some pictures of my fairy furniture, could you let me know when?? That's so exciting, thank you so much!!
God Bless you and take care,
Debbie Schramer

*ItkUpiLLi* said...

Funny! You have no cold it is here!! -30 degrees, so 70 degrees diffrens! You always find so beautiful pictures, my eyes just love them...:)

NancyB said...

Hi Chamara! It was nice to have you visiting my blog! :) Nice to know it is warm other places it is chilly this morning. I love this ad you found! I see that one of your readers Alix lives here in the Carolinas too! It gets wicked hot, but it is the humidity that gets you! Right now I got my hot flashes to keep me warm til summer LOL ;) xoxo Nance

She Who Flies said...

What can I say? I LOVE heat!!!

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