Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Gypsy Find: Heavy Hips

Sylvie sent me a mail with this link, knowing that I would enjoy this site and I did!!!

Girls...I would love to dance with them, watch them and just have fun.......

They say: Heavy Hips celebrates a fusion of popular/folk dance style of the Middle East, N.Africa, India, Spain and the Roma with the feminist spirit of reclaiming the sacred dance of
creativity and birth that is the inheritance of every woman......oh wow!

Have a look at their costumes and jewellery as well http://www.heavyhips.net/

Thanks Sylvie for this link.......but talking about Sylvie....look at this post from her own site: http://sosylvie.typepad.com/so_sylvie/2006/04/tread_softly.html

A little bit about Sylvie...."I've been thrifting (and flea-ing!) for most of my life. Past endeavors: I owned a vintage clothing shop in Santa Cruz, and sold vintage clothing in a shop on Rue de Seine in Paris. Among my home design influences I include my time spent around gypsy musicians and circus performers in Paris.We've spent quite a lot of time in France with one of our family businesses, Paris Graves."

........I should have been there with you!!!!


Anonymous said...

I would really like to learn to dance like that, it looks like a lot of fun

Sylvie said...

Merci Chamara!
Aren't these women captivating. They have incredible sale at their house. I've bought my favorite jewelry pieces there. I wish you lived nearby!
xo Sylvie

stilettoheights said...

beautiful!!!! I love Belly Dancing, I actually did the "Goddess Workout" for many years, it made me feel so beautiful, it also made me feel like curves were assets, not something to be shamed of.

cinderelly said...

bellydancers! i LOVE bellydancers! i have been taking classes for a little over a year now, and i smile so much the whole time! they are all so beautiful!

tongue in cheek said...

What glorious hips and costumes! Thanks for sharing this link!
And congratulations on the blog award!

Sheila said...

I took belly dancing classes many years ago..what fun.
I love your colourful and interesting blog..!
Happy Valentines Day..what is left of it..!

Gypsy said...

Oh! I have to learn how to dance!!! I am looking into a class!

She Who Flies said...

Great post! I've done some traditional (Egyptian) belly dancing but would love to have a go at the tribal kind. It sounds like just my thing. The costumes are just so inviting too. Maybe I'll be successful in finding a class/group when I move to England.


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