Thursday, February 8, 2007

I`ve been tagged: Why do I blog?

I have been tagged by Di from Designers Block
to give 6 reasons why I blog.

So why do I blog:

-For as long as I can remember I always kept a journal …….when I heard about blogging (which is not a big thing in South Africa as well), I was interested and promised myself that I will do that
-I challenged myself that before 2006 is blowing out her candles…I will have posted my creations on Flickr (and open myself for comments from whole wide world ) and start a blog (I made it by a few days)…so I am but a babe in blogland.
-One of the things that drew me to blogging is the contact with other people from all over the world...people who love the same things, inspire you and sometimes open up new avenues and worlds for you
-I’m still very reserved to put my own feelings down on “paper” (which was originally my biggest reason for starting the blog), for I seriously believed that no one but my very closest friends would read it
-I love beautiful things and places…it is part of my make-up and inspiration….I just love to share it with others who would be inspired by them as well
-In a busy world with deadlines and stress…this is one of the things that brings balance…..

Today I will tag some of the people that started their blogs with me and who is part of our precious family sisterhood ….the “Purple Ladies” (That is a post for another time…soon)

Indigo girl
Purple Pixi
Deep Purple
Vivacious Violet
Purple Syndrome


IndigoGirl said...


tongue in cheek said...

I never knew there were so many blogs with the word Purple!

It amazes me how we can be connected and feel friendship over many many miles through a click of the fingertips!


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