Friday, February 2, 2007

Vintage Find: A flowering of affection...

The Lilly Library is Indiana University's principal rare book, manuscript, and special collections library. They call these Victorian Valentine cards : A flowering of affection.....I had to see that!!

Some of the cards are really lovely and brought back memories of my grandmothers drawer with all her momento`s.....she still had one of those with the real lace .... was the words and messages of these cards that kept me there for quite a while.

I will share some and if you enjoy it as well.....go read some more...there`s quite a few:

This is one of the "not so sweet" cards:

Here's a pretty cool reception,
At least you'll say there's no deception,
It says as plain as it can say,
Old fellow you'd best stop away.

Some more:

"Accept this tribute of my love"

"In love I hope to conquer"

"Forget Thee! Never
E'en time will never from
my heart
Thy much-loved image blot,
Though every other dream
Thou wilt not be forgot."

"Dear little dove,You dear little dove,What have you brought me here? A Valentine! My sweet little love, A Valentine! From your dear."

"My heart is thine
Oh! Let my love
Thy pity move
For pity melts
The mind to love."

"To Thee I'll ever consecrate my heart"

Oh come on husband of to me like that.......


Kathleen Marie said...

Fabulous pictures, wonderfully romantic sentiments and I agree completely with your last line...come on husband of to me like that...

If men only understood just how much more a woman would respond...


tongue in cheek said...

Aren't these valentines enchanting!! Thanks for showing us!!


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