Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ala Gypsy: Autumn is coming......

All over blog land everyone is posting pictures and words and cries of joy........Spring is coming.........but not here.....not in South Africa.....

Just for balance I felt I had to post something about autumn ..........that is coming........yes it`s coming....I can feel it.......sigh......

THE autumn comes, a maiden fair
In slenderness and grace,
With nodding rice-stems in her hair
And lilies in her face.
In flowers of grasses she is clad;
And as she moves along,
Birds greet her with their cooing glad
Like bracelets' tinkling song.
A diadem adorns the night
Of multitudinous stars;
Her silken robe is white moonlight,
Set free from cloudy bars;
And on her face (the radiant moon)
Bewitching smiles are shown:
She seems a slender maid, who soon
Will be a woman grown.
Over the rice-fields, laden plants
Are shivering to the breeze;
While in his brisk caresses dance
The blossomed-burdened trees;
He ruffles every lily-pond
Where blossoms kiss and part,
And stirs with lover's fancies fond
The young man's eager heart.

This English translation of "Autumn" was composed by Arthur W. Ryder (1877-1938


stilettoheights said...

Autumn is my favorite time of year...I wish I was in South Africa, so I could have the beauty of Autumn coming again.

BlueJude said...

Love the pic! OK...I've seen your gypsy now come see mine! lol

Blame It on Paris said...

How pretty! Where do you find these wonderful images?

Hemma på landet said...

Thank's my friend. Oh, so its autumn where you live.
I'm glad it's time for spring here in Sweden. Hug to you from Stina

Diane Duda said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I visited here last night, but got so caught up in all your links that I got too tired to leave a comment. :)
What lovely pictures you post...I'll be back often to see what's new.

Happy Autumn!

Judy Scott said...

lovely poem and I love autumn but I'm personally ready for the newness that spring is bringing. Love your image just fits the bill perfectly, have a wonderful day, Judy xx

Sara Duckett said...

I wanted to leave a note to say I love your blog! I found it today and will save it with my favorites. I too love all things French, and will look to your blog for inspiration and shopping advice. Thank you!

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Autumn is a favorite time of year as well! I do love the onset of crisp, cool nights... with a cup of hot tea or cider, cuddling up in a blanket!

turquoise cro said...

Is it REALLY almost Autumn in South Africa? That is very interesting! I just found YOU had visited me! Thank YOU for your compliments! xoCinda

Hemma på landet said...

Thank you my dear.

Nice to hear from you. You make me happy with your comments. Hug Stina

IndigoGirl said...

Yep, yep.... at last some relief from the heat! I love Autumn, all the colours!
Sigh... I feel it with you!

Di Overton said...

Oh never mind. We have Autumn almost all year round in the UK

Southern Heart said...

I enjoyed your post...autumn is a favorite time for me, so I'm almost a tad envious. I'll look forward to enjoying your bit of cool when it begins to swelter here (and that will come all too soon!).

** Terramia ** said...

I love autumn (and spring).. the seasons of the changing of the tide, so to speak. When we realise nature is really alive and we can't help but feel at one with the earth...
Savour the brilliant colours, and relish the moment.

paris parfait said...

Lovely image and a wonderful poem! Happy Autumn (my favourite season).

Teresa Sheeley said...

Oh please take some photos of your autumn weather. I love that time of the year too!!

Cowgirl Stella's Studio

Anonymous said...

Autumn is a delightful time of the year! It's really a toss-up as to which season is my favourite - spring or autumn! Right now it's spring. :) Thanks for dropping by for a visit ~ I'll be back to visit you again! ♥

Deep Purple said...

Can say I like autumn or winter. I am a spring and summer kind of gal... But there is so much beauty in the season of autumn.

coeur de beurre said...

Personaly Autumn and winter are my favorite seasons... so sweet for coocooning...

Lea said...

Have a lovely Autumn! I love vintage perfume ads, this is a beautiful image! I also blogged about the same image and made a bracelet "to match" in October 2006... :)

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