Saturday, March 10, 2007

Ala Gypsy: The Perfect Plan......

I truly believe that there is a Perfect Plan for each of our lives.......and if we allow ourselves to get hold of it and stay within that Will....we will have peace, harmony and divine intervention... but soon as we step out of that will and plan, we start to battle...we have to fight and struggle.....things do not run smoothly and within you there is no peace......

Currently I am the warrior........the one who stepped out of place and I battle with myself and circumstances. How do we get out of this struggle and claim our peace back?????? going back to where we made the wrong choice and get with the programme!!!!!!!!!

But boy oh will never be involves people, money, time..........and sometimes it hurts.....


She Who Flies said...

Yes, this is so true and your post really resonates with me. I've been there, and sometimes go back there without my realizing soon enough. Being the "warrior" and swimming against the tide can be uncomfortable, but there are great lessons in that space too. Be kind to yourself for stepping out of the flow, and before you know you'll be in alignment again. That Shrine Magazine cover is striking!

moderncountry said...

Thank you for passing by my blog from time to time :) I find your blog interesting, however sometimes i cant relate or just dont understamd what you are trying to say. The text is enigmatic and i am not that good in analyse it. Recently i do understand more, and i can appreciate it more, specially the pictures! Have a lovely wekkend :)

Sheila said...

Oh Boy.. do I agree with this 100% !!
I always went against the flow...just because I tend to be contrary by nature..
Now I'm older I find I want to conform, but don't know where to begin.
Could it be that to do that now, would be going against the flow yet again...
I'm so confused...LOL !!

Coeur de beurre said...

Hello! I'm very happy to read your comment in my blog! so sweet and lovely to find kindness all over the world by the way of blogs I visit like yours!...
Excuse me for my bad english... I come from Belgium! and I don't pratic currently... but my heart is there...jut to do it.

BlueJude said...

Boy you are so right on with how I feel lately. I am currently the "Thought Warrior" watching my thoughts, to keep out the negative and stay positive!

Hadassah Intisar said...

Totally! That is exactly what I've been doing this week. Then came the weekend(time to think) and I feel like my efforts aren't enough. But I'm realizing that it's a process, and man, the time it's taking isn't fun, but I'm sure I'll get through my problem as long as I stick to fighting my way back in.

Thanks for posting and letting me know I'm not the only one out there who thinks this way :)

Shabby in the City said...

A big part of it for me is forgiving myself for being so human in the first place!

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

You have made such a profound statement! But we can grow from mistakes made. They often make us stronger for it!

Carrie said...

Even turmoil has to subside. Take a moment each morning and really think about what you are grateful for. On the way to work, to starbucks, whatever... really take the time to announce in your mind why you are grateful and feel the love from that moment. Take that joyful energy and use it to face your day... one day at a time. Sort of corny but... journal AS yourself in the future being exactly where you want to be... physically and emotionally. Talk about how happy you are that a and b happened and feel that joy as you are writing it. It works!!!! :) It makes you truly believe that everything happens for a reason and each victory will taste that much sweeter for having to struggle to get it :) Hey, that was sort of deep ;)

*ItkUpiLLi* said...

Oh boy, amen!

Kristina said...

Are you reading "The Secret"? That really helps me stay centered and focused but OMG - at night - because my mind is open more - my sleep is filled with very tangled dreams and my head aches in the morning ...
Just think what we all could do if everywhere in the world we were focusing on PEACE and ABUNDANCE.

Waspgoddess said...

Yet again you deliver a piece so suitable for where I'm finding myself right now. It's time to get with the program, the acknowledge that I have let it slip and gently steer myself back on track. It isn't easy, but I'm not sure if a full-on battle is necessarily the solution. Sometimes kindness and forgiveness is the best medicine.

Elise said...

Indeed, it's always difficult to remain on the good way! I think that it's often necessary to fight the external events to find peace and there is never nothing final !

Di Overton said...

I didn't find out what my perfect plan was until last year. I have done so many things and now at last I have found the right thing to do. Good things come to those who wait.

tongue in cheek said...

Always a gift to be had in passing by your blog.
For better or worse life unfolds for the good of all.

Merisi's Vienna For Beginners said...

Without upheaval there's no learning and no peace, that is my mantra. I wish you all the best for a good outcome of your travails. said...

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