Monday, March 26, 2007

Creative Find: Debbee Thibault

The second artist that caught my fancy at Victoria`s Past Tyme, is Debbee Thibault

Also handmade, wonderful collectibles, all signed and numbered. They have quite a collection of her work there and I enjoyed looking through all of them


Laetitia said...

I love her dolls!!the colours, the way they seem coming from an other century ..

And in paris I tried to find shop windows for you, but my cheap camera isn't very good for shopwindows, but I found a funny one I will send you the photos this weekend

tongue in cheek said...

I think I need to rob a bank so I can buy one of everything you ever post!!

Such sweet finds you tempt us with!!

Kristen Robinson said...

My oh my these are so perfectly sweet I am with Corey off to find that bank!


Extravagans said...

Wow, these dolls are really cute! Love it! BTW, thanks for the posting at my blog, happy you liked it :)

Amy Lu said...

I used to work at a shop that sold Debbee's work. I love her dolls. I'm sad that I never bought one.


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