Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Paper Finds: CFA Voysey - Arts & Crafts

One of the design blogs ( please help me if you know who...I would like to acknowledge) , posted this site last week and blogged about the textiles......I loved it , but busy me saved it in a wrong file...therefore the amnesia......

This site is about the work of Charles Voysey, (1857-1941) ......... possibly the finest Arts & Crafts designer and architect. On this site is an overview of his life, and several original examples of Voysey's work for sale on the antiques pages, and even the occasional house on the property pages.

As always...I couldn`t resist the PAPERS!!!!!!!!

It`s really worth a look:


stilettoheights said...

I love, love, love paper!!!!!!!!!!

Your blog has the most wonderful eye candy!

tongue in cheek said...

Those colors, the right amount of softness to highlight the design.

Merisi's Vienna For Beginners said...

Dear Gypsy Purple,
you write a dangerously seductive blog! ;-)
I love Arts & Crafts design, beautiful the papers you're showing us today.
I once found in a tiny antiques shop in Kensington, Maryland, a small British A&C desk, 1905, affordably because the leather top was missing. I bought it on the spot. 1905 seems to be my magic year, my piano was made then, and the apartment building I live in in Vienna was built the same year. Coincidences are what life is made of. ;-)

My Marrakech said...

Egad, these are heaven!

Deb @ Beholder's Eye said...

Gorgeous! Thank you


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