Tuesday, September 8, 2009

...surviving swine flu

Wow...it`s been a while...and there goes all my good intentions about starting to blog again .....but I must be honest it wasn`t all my fault......I hope that none of you had the pleasure of "catching" it!!!...the swine flu I mean.

But I`m better, recovered and starting to catch up...and blogging is one of the things high om my "do-it-NOW" list.
I have so much to blog about...fabulous things, family visits, some things I created...and a lot, lot more...will take it daily...so come on Gypsy...get going!!!!
A bit of eye candy for today: Some dinnerware from Yvonne Estelle`s...and while I was visiting there I loved, loved, loved the Bella Notte Linens -but that is for tomorrow....


ruthie said...

oh my! that not so good, hope you are feeling very much better now. i especially love the first pile of plates, beautiful! *ruthie*

Fleurette said...

Hello,you have a beatiful blog. Old posters are nice.I love the French and vintage.Have a nice day


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