Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ala Gypsy: the blessings of family...

These past months I just explored and enjoyed--as if it is a new and precious gift--- the love and blessings that family can fortunate we are and how careless of us not to treasure it more...and all that I can say is "thank you!!!; thank you!!!; thank you!!!"...I would`n have it any other way....and appreciate and love every one of you......

© Michelle Peters
Family is the strong tie,
That holds you to the ground.
When it seems that you have lost,
All that you had found.
They are the rock that holds you down,
When you start to float away,
And they can turn your life around,
When you go astray.
They are the friends that you are born with,
They are with you 'till the end,
And when life treats you rough,
Your broken heart they will mend.
Although sometimes you may fuss and fight,
And may not always agree,
In the dark, they are the light,
That shows the path so you can see.

The Blessings Of A Big Family
© Jennifer L. Sylvester
The blessings of a big family are only seen by a few - A few of the chosen ones that God has given this blessing too
The blessings are so numerous it's hard to even start -to number or to name them but they all hold a place in the heart
The heart of every person in a big family is unique it's uniqueness makes us special and should not be critiqued
The memories made are more precious than gold; from babies to weddings from young and to old
From grandparents to grandchildren and everyone in between the many special relationships could have never been foreseen
Thank you God for birthdays, simple get-togethers and even the tears; for I pray that these blessings last many, many more years


Lani said...

She's Baaack :)
Family is indeed a blessing and I count mine every day because you're a part of mine <3

Queen Of Småland said...

What a great blog youve got here.
Yes, family is a blessing.
Peace and Magic from the deep forest in sweden.


Judy said...

Wow, nice to see you back again lovey.
It is true, for in the end what are we without family. I agree with you and we all count our blessings more often than not. xoxox


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