Saturday, October 24, 2009

Food Finds: Nordjlus

One of my favourite places to visit for some years now, is a foodblog named Nordljus....I just love the magical pictures and the warm atmosphere of the blog and the places they visit.....and I dream that I am that good a cook.......These shots are from the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market –
lovely ....I`ve always had a thing for buying fruit, flowers and vegetables in a market....maybe because I`m a country girl at heart....enjoy and go visit....


Livet på Berget said...

Hello and good morning!
Inspiering food pictures, and yes markets are lovely. Here we only have food markets during the summer. Nwe it is too cold and during the night it has been snowing:). Today I'm going to Swedens biggest flee market (hope it called that) no food but a lot of old things I hope:).
Have a nice day!

Ainosofia said...

Hello ♥

Your blog is so wonderful!

So many beautiful pictures...

I like!

♥ Warm greetings from Finland ♥

Magdalena said...

Those photos are really great, will visit nordljus directly,thank you!
magdalena/color Sepia

Janean said...

Food is art! Do you have a scrapbook cookbook? Great blog!

koralee said...

Wow...these images are so lovely!

Debbie Egizio said...

These images are so beautifully tasty!! I just love all of the beautiful colors!

the butterfly collector said...

so very glad you are back! Missed you too! Gorgeous colours in these pics! My very inspiring friend is back in blogland! YAY!!! And yes I'm still creating, painting at night! My boys are keeping me very busy! Just posted some new work on my blog if you are interested! looking forward to all your new posts!

June said...

I love buying my fruit and veggies in an open farmer's market the best, or at a fresh produce market. I do grow some of my own berries and veggies, but I love seeing all the different things the markets offer that I don't have room to grow myself. Your images are beautiful here.

winnsangels said...

yummm. I so ♥ market gardens. wonderful pictures. the berries in the basket look especially scrumptious.


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