Monday, November 16, 2009

Gypsy Find: The au Jasmin

Gabriel Joseph Marie Augustin Ferrie 1847-1914, A Harem Beauty Holding a Fan

Today is one of those "gypsy...deep-in-myself" days....hence my visits to art and poetry`s amazing how you can "see" parts of yourself in images and words right across centuries, borders, language and religion......I saw myself in quite a few of the paintings on the blog of The au Jasmin......ala Gypsy..........


Egron Lundgren 1815-1875, A girl playing lute

Jean-François Portaels 1818-1895, An Oriental Beauty


Luis Ricardo Falero 1851-1896, Une Beauté Orientale

Natale Schiavoni 1777-1858, Odalisque


Louis Emile Pinel De Grandchamp 1831-1894, Emina, Souvenir d'Orient


Pooch Morning Glory said...

absolutely right... some of these really resonate and initiate inner reflection
~ laura

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Aren't they all just gorgeous? {like you!} Bohemian, interesting, sultry, and ladies I'd love to know. Great post!

xo Lidy

manon 21 said...

C'est beau Gypsy!!
bonne semaine


Kenza said...

Hello Gypsy,
Thank you for the link!
My English is not very good... alors je continue en français.
Je suis très touchée de voir que vous aimez mon blog! Il est dédié en grande partie à beauté orientale, vous y trouverez des tableaux, mais également de très beaux textes en français!!
Très amicalement, Kenza

Jacqueline said...

Such wonderful paintings....I love Une Beaute Orientale...I want her necklace !!!!....beautiful. XXXX

Diane Costanza said...

What beautiful women. The artists were able to portray how they live free.

Inspired Comblogulations said...

I looked hard to see myself in those paintings...maybe the facial expressions.
From the neck down no resemblance.
Perky aren't they.
all kidding aside... beautiful artwork and I loved starting my day out with them.
Great Post!!!


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