Sunday, March 14, 2010

Decorating Find: Pam Claussen---Glam by Pam

Seattle designer Pam Claussen’s adoration for vintage Victorian style extends well beyond her thriving business, Glam by Pam, and is reflected in every room of her home. Here, in the grand 650-square-foot master bath, Pam has created a beautiful sanctuary, complete with an eighteenth-century Louis XV chandelier, handblown marble sinks, Gothic wallpaper, richly upholstered furniture, and a custom-designed stained glass window.

She also displays a selection of her one-of-a-kind glittering creations—elegant crowns, tiaras, and bridal headpieces and accessories. For more information and to view Pam Claussen’s work, visit

Source: Victoria Magazine


Jacqueline said...

Oh opulent. The bathroom is MASSIVE and so Victoeianly beautiful. XXXX

christie repasy said...

I love all the details of the victorian style. thanks for the wonderful pictures.

Susan said...

Wow! Now that is quite a bathroom! I love anything Victorian. It's one of my favorite styles. Sincrely, Susan

Snäckskalsdalen said...

Ooohh I really love those pics!

Patri said...

Lovely style. Victorian?. A big kiss for you.

Queen Of Småland said...

Stunning pieces of victorian art and decor!
Hope youre fine!


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