Thursday, April 1, 2010

French Find: A l`ombre du Palais

In an atmosphere of dreams, Sabine Ferrand welcomes you to her guesthouse-- A l`ombre du Palais--overlooking the square of the Pope's Palace located in the heart of the historic centre of Avignon.

Sabine also invites you to share her cooking "savoir-faire".....enter in her kitchen and she will teach you to prepare delicious dishes with french and mediterranean flavors.


Julie@beingRUBY said...

How beautiful.. and what wonderful use of colour.. Love that first image... Happy Easter.. xx Julie

Susan said...

Loved her use of rich colors! The couch looked very comfy, too! Sincerely, Susan

diggibird said...

What lovely colors.... beautyful and I am so lucky to live next to this country. Yes I know this area but not this house. We usaly stay in Issirac which is close to the river Ardéche and the lovely town Uzé. Oh they have so lovely boutiques with all this vintage stuff. I do love vintage and skandinavian decorations. I try to mix those two ways.... I am not sure if it really worksout. Anyway, thank you so much for your comment on my blogg. I have tried to put an tranlation item in it but it didn't really work with mac so I left it. I will link your blog on mine if it is allright for you. As you can see, I do like to write in English, it' s a good exercise. Wish you a happy, sunny easter in faraway Southafrica.


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