Monday, May 31, 2010

Ala Gypsy: she asked...

"So Mom...what happened to your music?????.....your life is not a song anymore.....", she said to daughter that is........I had to sit through a whole explanation and dissectation of exactly what it is I lost somewhere along the way......and afterwards, this gypsy had to think..... bestest think tank always consists of a bath full of lovely warm water smelling of vanilla and a steaming cup of coffee....and there I sat....and sat.....and tried to be her.....looking at me.... through her 17 year old eyes. So what happened??...did it happen??? it true???....why am I not making music anymore?

After a loooooooong bath and a million inward thoughts I have to be hard and honest with myself ....I think she`s right.....and a little bit wrong......maybe I was just singing off-tone...or maybe a sad song or maybe so soft that no one could hear me.....but one thing is true....what is a gypsy without a song?????


La Petite Gallery said...

Maybe we all lose the songs after a while. One thing is if you fall off the bike get right back on.
They say once you ride a bike you never forget.

ps.. I am a new visitor

Susan said...

Your song is still there, Gypsy. It's right there within you, within the deepest chambers of your heart. You must simply revive it by being good to yourself! By trying new things! By opening your arms wide and embracing life. You will find your song again, if you only look for it. Sincerely, Susan

Simply Rebecca said...

We can become so caught up in the comings and goings of everyday life that we do stop singing. And it takes someone to point it out before we realize it. But, the songs are never gone, they are just buried underneath the dust and debris. Therefore we need to just stop, stop everything and take a moment. Take a moment to do what we love the most, even if it is for just one hour. Take time to remember the words to our songs and they will flow once again. And when we start singing again, life is all new and fresh once more.
I did this very thing a year ago. Quit my unhappy stressful job and took a leap off the cliff. I took my lifelong passion of designing and sewing and am making a business from it. I have never been happier. And my song is loud and sweet.

The Happy Homemaker said...

I can so relate!I have been all out of sorts, myself, of late.You must find your song,again!Aren't our kids such eye-openers?

Theresa Cheek said...

I have a feeling you are just learning a new one ;)

Lots of life passages with a 17 year old! She is becoming her own person and you are redefining yourself as well...more of a mentor than a Mom....keep singing.

Gracefully Vintage said...

Wow you are facinating, all the way in South Africa how cool is that, you are also quite the artist as well, your images and photos are amazing, I just became a follower- how cool to be able to chat back and forth with someone from so far away- Cant wait to see more of your design and here about your gypsy life


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