Friday, June 18, 2010

Ala Gypsy: .....brrr....brrrr`s cold......

I`m a bad girl Fabulous Friday post.....but I`m freezing here and I`m in my "I`m just sitting here" mode.... I promise I will post it tomorrow....I will you know....

The rest of the world is here.....exploring South Africa during the World cup and I`m disappearing under fun today.....

I made a huge "to-do-list" for this weekend.....I have high hopes for myself...and right here....all snugly under blankets I`m trying to motivate myself......come on Gypsy....tick off that list ......any advise?????


alaine@éclectique said...

This post will do! Perhaps you're putting yourself under too much pressure! Is it really cold in South Africa? I'm not up with the seasons there. it would be bedlam there too with the World Cup. It's freezing here but we've been getting out, walking in the fog and frost to get the bod moving! xa

Lil said...

Look to Germany, my dear: We lost that match against Serbia and everybody in Germany is moaning.

And furthermore it is becoming extremely cold - in the Alpes there will even be snow at the weekend.

Dearest greetings from Cologne in Germany


Jen said...

It's cold there?? What is the temperature? I thought it was always warm there!

Agneta said...

Thanks for your kind comments on my Wabi & Sabi blog, you made me so happy! Your post & your blog is as usual soooo inspiring and I love to visit you!

Today it's the Royal Wedding in Sweden, a historic day, Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Victoria marries her heart, Daniel, a nice man of the people.

A footprint from Agneta in Sweden

PS. Don't forget my summer contest on my blog, please be my guest! Ds

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

It's freezing in New Zealand too!!

NZ had a draw 1 each against Italy - yippee.
We can't believe it>

Light the fire, make a cuppa and get some lovely mags to leaf through!!!

Please come and visit my blog, I'll get my pretty teacups out and make you most welcome!!



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