Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fashion Find: Jen`s Pirate Booty tops and dresses.....

I must confess....this clothes just won my heart....and I know I`m in good company if you watch the celebrity pics....many a starlet and celebrity was photographed wearing Jen`s Pirate Booty clothes......part gypsy, part bohemian and lot`s of pirate.....


Monica said...


ok, so i don't have the legs for it, jeans or skirt to the rescue. lol

mudderbear said...

Hi...I have been enjoying your posts for a few days. What you find is so unusual. I think I need a whole wardrobe of this beautiful look, but I just realized that it's summer where you are, isn't it?? We are having snow and cold weather here.
I hope to visit you often...You are just what I've been looking for.
See you again..Rosalie/mudderbear said...

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