Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Design Find: Betty Lou Phillips`s French inspired bathroom

It all started with napkin rings.........Designer Betty Lou Phillips was in Paris, in a random shop on the Left Bank, and saw a pair of silver napkin rings engraved 'Madame' and 'Monsieur.'........loved the shapely lettering and the nod to French decorum, so she bought them and told herself she`d do something creative with them one day........and 15 years later she did.......they were the template and inspiration  for the inlaid tile 'rugs' in her guest bathroom.


Karena said...

Oh so lovely!! Adore!

Art by Karena

bicocacolors said...

c'est magnifique!!!

a big hug,

Lena said...

Lovely! Like it a lot.


Annie said...

The rooms above this post are very dramatic and though pretty, I can't see myself in either of the settings. However . . . this bathroom is a whole OTHER story. Sublime.


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