Monday, March 28, 2011

Gypsy says: Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since Sunday I can post no anyone else have the same problem...or a solution??...I`m getting frustrated here!!!!


Hanna said...

I also have blogspot and have had the same problem. I don't know why though.

Nina said...

I´ve had that same problem on a few occasions. I did not find a solution, just tried again the next day and then it worked.
Sorry for not beeing able to help any further.

Susan said...

OMG, Gypsy! I could not post a single image last night and I was SO FRUSTRATED that I just went to bed. I thought it was something with my computer and I was so upset.

This morning, I saw that some of my posts, written in advance, lost all photos but I've been re-copying them. Some other posts were okay.

Hmmmmmm. Wonder if there was a gremlin in blogland. Hope your problem ends soon. Susan

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