Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ala Gypsy: And the music continues......

Remember I promised myself and everyone else around me that I will make music all year let`s see....January is gone, I only did half of what I was supposed to do, I`m over my ears into projects, I battle with this living healthy thing, weekends are filling up for February already.........but this gypsy is happy....happy and making her music......cause that is the magic that will get me through this
So today is 100 things day....This is the day that 100 things will get done.......I`ll get back to you on that...
In the meantime lets have a little funny happy poem:
My Happy Poem
© By Amanda R. Quigley
So here it is,
The happy one.
Today I'll have a bit of fun.
A rhapsody.
A melody.
My opus and my symphony.
A delectable, delightful treat.
A candy, oh, a wicked sweet.
My soul.
A stroll.
Completely droll.
Delightfully out of control.
So here you go.
My vertigo.
My trip through miles and miles of snow.
Hold on tight.
Don't try to fight.
My happy poem,
Just drips delight
Like honey from a child's tongue,
Or whispers of the aging young.
A lullaby that makes you cry,
The tears of happy years gone by.
Watch your step,
The path is steep,
So take a breath before you leap
Into a world of endless bliss,
As charming as a baby's kiss.
And right when you arrive right there,
You'll never leave.
It's true.I swear.
My world,
My truth.
My universe.
My haven in my merry verse.
It welcomes you,
With open arms.
You're flattered by its mirthful charms.
So stay awhile.
Right in the shade
Of the happiest poem I've ever made.


Natura said...

You have a very interesting blog!

Thank you for visiting mine


Cathy said...

What a beautiful poem!

And, Thank you so much for visiting my blog; I am desiring to spend some time visiting yours. {smiles}

Di Overton said...

You see I woke up this morning in this sort of mood and now I have an electrician trying to drill through my 3 foot thick walls in the cottage to run a cable to my new garden workshop. Ah the best laid plans.....

gilfling said...

Oh that poem is delightful! And my gosh 100 things, I feel I have done well if I have completed 3 tasks................

stilettoheights said...

wonderful poem!

I am impressed with 100 things, I think I would get sad if I counted the things I did and especially the things I did not do in a day.

primdollie said...

What a delightful poem!!! and hope you got all those 100 things done too!!! (I say that every day as well and have yet to make them all!!!!) Hugs Linda

Clare said...

A really lovely poem, thank you for sharing it!

Vanessa said...

Gypsy loveliness all around!!


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