Thursday, February 1, 2007

Creative Find: Oscar & Clothilde

Oh, what a glorious time I had at this site......this is a must see

In this month of romance, you can not miss this. You have to read the story...the letters and see the pics of this wonderfull encounter of two worlds and 2 people that met ...even the shop looks devine......why o why can`t I get to Sweden today!!! ( )


Di Overton said...

What a fantastic find. That website is so beautifully designed. On your way to Sweden will you pick me up please?

tongue in cheek said...

Wow!! Thanks for sharing this incredible link!!

Dianna Castner said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful site. I love it!!!
Dianna Castner

A.Sadal said...

Uhm, this is a dutch card and written in dutch.


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