Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ala Gypsy: But sir, I was only 5 minutes......

Well, I did it again. I got a ticket.........this time a parking ticket.
In all my"since-I-got-a-license" life, I never even had one ticket...and now, in the course of 4 months I got 5!!!! How on earth........better get me that gypsy wagon I blogged about.......will definitely eliminate the speeding


mosaic queen said...

I'd better slow down. I tend to have a lead foot and only one ticket under my belt. (knock on wood) It was a moving violation for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign. The stop sign was in my own neighborhood. How embarrasing!

Purple Syndrome said...

A speeding ticket, my my Gypsy, slow down for a while. Have you tried tic tacs? Apparently (according to their add) you can get out of one when your breath smells like one. Shall we try that theory? ^^

IndigoGirl said...

Worth a try PS!
Tst Tst, come now Gypsey! Maybe you should use some of Linx advice ... Cleavage girl, cleavage!


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