Thursday, January 25, 2007

French Find: Guy de Jean...Umbrellas

In 1920 aunt Agathe manufactured umbrellas and parasols by hand using age old techniques in her Paris boutique. Two decades later, Guy de Jean, young new wave stylist on a visit to Paris, met his future wife Christiane and created the label and the style of Guy de Jean.
Ever since then, the collections, always highly creative and varied, have never stopped evolving, always gaining in originality and elegance. New techniques, new ideas, the choice of fabrics, the handles, the expertise and the style unique to Guy de Jean, all have contributed to the success and world-famous reputation of one of the greatest names in fashion.
Whatever your style, there will be one you fancy........I personally love the cheeky one`s from the Chantal Thomass collection.....go have a look:

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casapinka said...

This is priceless!


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