Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ala Gypsy: Dreams are more....

Dreams are more
By Frances Vhay
Dreams are more
Than invisible vapor,
prepared to disappear.
Dreams are your soul, your spirit,
Your hopes on the winds of time.
Dreams are potential wonders,
The life of miracles.
Dreams are more
Than thoughts willing to be forgotten.
Dreams are futures based on imagination.
They create unexpected times of truth,
And alternate but never the less true realities.
Dreams are more
Than tired wishes that will never come true.
They are the sparks of life that live inside us all
And someday they will kindle and light
To create an everlasting fire.
Dreams are more
Than whispers in oceans of time and space.
They live, breathe, leap, and take flight.
Dreams are more.


IndigoGirl said...

Beautiful! Spoke to my state of mind today! I love to dream ...

Judy Scott said...

beautiful dreamy words, jx


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