Monday, January 8, 2007

Creative find: Shae Reid -- The Butterfly Collector

I just love everything about her art...the colours, atmosphere, themes.........they touch my heart and speak to my gypsy soul

Shae Reid loves to paint, draw glamourous women and daydream about the past lives of her jewellery, art and vintage collections. She also loves to find fabulous fashion, decor and handmade goodies, gorgeous shops and and surprises to showcase on her blog!

She runs an online boutique and magazine called the Madame Butterfly Gallery and this blog is also an archive for that sites projects, recipes and inspirations.

Please go and visit her at her blog: and also see her gallery


butterfly collector said...

hi Chamara, thankyou so much for featuring me on your blog! I am very flattered and honoured too! Your blog is wonderful , I am looking forward to all your future posts and will add you on to my typepad list! Love all the pictures you post too!!!! Love Shae

Izabella said...

oh my! her art is amazing...I am off to wanderlust her blog, thanx for sharing! xo ~Izabella


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