Sunday, January 21, 2007

Paper Finds: I love paper

I love paper!!! This is one of my great weaknesses.....I can`t resist it...can`t walk past to have it.
Wrapping paper, wallpapers, magazines......I need help!!

Look at this lovely papers from Paper Mojo:


miss*R said...

one of these would make a perfect background for a blog! I love paper too, these are gorgeous

Janet said...

Me, too!! I am such a paper hoarder! I can't bear to throw out a beautiful piece of paper and I keep them thinking I'll use them to make something....but then I don't want to cut into them!! I think I really have a bad paper habit!

carol said...

hi there
i love vinatge wallpaer so much i wallpaperd the bedroom floor it was lovely although it took many coats of varnish to protect it then my daughters dog peed on it and we had to paint over it but when I find more i will do it again

Dotee said...

Thanks for popping over to my blog today! I agree with you about paper. I cannot get enough of it. Just when I think I have every shade and design I could possibly want I see more I HAVE to have.
I even like the smell of it!!

Gabi said...

I need help too. I need papers and fabrics, and colors in every thing for live happy...

Your blog is beauty... excuse me, please, i dont undestand all your words until. I'm learning english alone.


ParisBreakfasts said...

Have you seen the French papers Tongue in Cheek has for sale in her flea market?
Pretty too!

Dianna Castner said...

I am also a "Paperholic". I love vintage ephemera as well as the new gorgeous papers that are available today. If visiting New York City, stop into Kate's Paperie or Paper Presentation to see some beauties.
Great blog!!
Dianna Castner


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