Wednesday, April 4, 2007

French Find: Violets from Elise

One of my French blogging friends, Elise from L` Atelier d`Elise posted this and I just loved it!!!!!!!

I asked her for step by step instructions and here it is.........for all of us to try:

  • Rinse the violets quickly
  • Dip them into some little beaten egg white
  • Sprinkle them with sugar (granulated sugar)
  • Arrange them on some greaseproof paper
  • Dry them one hour in the oven in 50 ° or let them dry in the sun.

Isn`t it lovely....I for one will definitely do this

Merci, Elise


Bronwen said...

Love your sugared violets. I need to find some violets. When I was a girl I would pick wild violets in a secluded wood-they carpeted the ground in a purple haze. So lovely!

Merisi's Vienna For Beginners said...

Lovely lovely lovely ... merci, Elise and Gypsy!
Was driving through the Vienna Woods yesterday, and on the edge of the woods I saw thousands and thousands of those beautiful violets, such lovely color amid the brown of last autumn's leaves and the young green of the underbrush! :-)

Felicia said...

They're delightful!

Blame It on Paris said...

Oh, how lovely! I sometimes buy these in places in Paris, just for how pretty they are. I never knew they were so easy! It's just the season, too.

Flo said...

I'm flo, a 'blog-friend' of Elise's.
those violest are gorgeous aren't they?
I sometimes buy some, they're delicious!!
Your blog is very nice!!

Di Overton said...

Lovely. Must try it. Can you do it with any flowers or just violets?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this recipe...I am going to give this a try...they sound wonderful

Just love all your lovely still reading them as well :)

carolina said...

did you know they were very popular in spain in the 19th century as candies? you can also make them with just warm water with a high saturation of sugar (egg whites start to rot immediately)and two or three drops of lemon juice, and if you keep them in a small tin with a clean piece of cloth under them they can last for months. It can be done with rose petals too, better if they are miniature roses - I don't know the exact name for miniature roses in english, they are called pitimini roses in spain.Other herbs that can be added, chopped as small as you can, are wild mint (hierbabuena) or lemongrass.

carolina said...

Oh! I forgot! some flower petals can be poisonous, don't make experiments! and please do not pick up flowers for eating from the side of roads, as they contain a very high quantity of metals like plumb - which produces cancer!

Elise said...

Thank you gypsy !!! I am happy that you liked my recipe! Did you realize it yourself ?
There are not violets anymore in my garden but I believe that we can make the same thing with petals of roses.

cielo moon said...

I just loved it too !!!
Have a great easter too...

J'aime votre blog !!!

laurence59 said...

thnks a lot for your recipe !


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