Monday, May 10, 2010

Garden Finds: The garden of Susan Serra

Bloomalicious Digs featured the lovely garden of Susan Serra, a New York kitchen designer......I just fell in love with that first image ...dreamy isn`t it??


Susan said...

Hello Gypsy Purple...Would love to sit on the little bench and have my morning coffee! Sincerely, Susan

Carolyn said...

Beautiful garden photos-especially that first one!


chateau de fleurs said...

Beautiful and so inspiring. Thanks for the eye candy. Christie

It's me said...

O yeh !! what a dream pictures.....i love it !!

Thanks for share..........hugs from Ria

Karena said...

Could this be any more lush and inviting!!


Art by Karena

Enitram said...

It's marvellous this garden!!!!!!!!
Good week!
See you again!

susan said...

Hello there, and I hope you are well!! I'm so glad you liked my garden. My goodness, I probably have at least 10,000 images of it; these are a very few. It's a soulful place, a garden is, no matter how big or how small. I know it is for me. :)


So so pretty. Thank you for sharing.

Millie said...

One of the most gorgeous gardens ever!! Here's a big, big hug to you from across the Indian Ocean.
Millie ^_^

contar said...

tiene que ser algo genial estar en un jardín así, seguro que las musas rondan a menudo por aquí.
un abrazo

Something brilliant has to be be in a like that, sure garden that the muses are about often hereabouts.
An embrace

Anonymous said...

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