Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!!!!

Happy Mothers Day to all you wonderful ladies out there.!!!!!!

I want to thank my own Mom today.....the most talented and gifted woman I know.....the only one of her kind....who taught me to be myself...showed me that I can do whatever I set my mind to do......gave me a wealth of knowledge.....taught me the beauty of creation and how to use that detail in your own creativity......and keep reminding me every day not to take myself too seriously....Mom, I love you, appreciate you and salute you!!!!!

This poem touched my heart.....being a Mom myself I KNOW letting go is not an easy thing to do.......

Before I Was Myself, You Made Me, Me

Before I was myself you made me, me
With love and patience, discipline and tears,
Then bit by bit stepped back to set me free,

Allowing me to sail upon my sea,
Though well within the headlands of your fears.
Before I was myself you made me, me

With dreams enough of what I was to be
And hopes that would be sculpted by the years,
Then bit by bit stepped back to set me free,

Relinquishing your powers gradually
To let me shape myself among my peers.
Before I was myself you made me, me,

And being good and wise, you gracefully
As dancers when the last sweet cadence nears
Bit by bit stepped back to set me free.

For love inspires learning naturally:
The mind assents to what the heart reveres.
And so it was through love you made me, me
By slowly stepping back to set me free.


It's me said...

Happy Mother's day !!

Blessings and hugs from Ria......................xxxxxxx

Susan said...

Hello Gypsy Purple...Your mother was a BEAUTIFUL young woman and she is still very attractive. How wonderful you have such admiration for her. God bless you both and hope you both have a fabulous Mother's Day! Sincerely, Susan

Lovey said...

Wonderful tribute! Happy Mother's Day!

Iben Riis said...

Beautiful Written, and you have a beautiful Mother :)
Love this post

Mademoiselle Poirot said...

Lovely poem and writing. Joyeuse fête des mères & Love from London x

Sanity Fair said...

THAT is one sweet smile! Happy mother's day in honor of so many wonderful mothers!
-Sanity Fair

Jacky said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog, love your Mothers Day tribute, lovely poem and beautiful photo's said...

Hope you had a lovely day! What a wonderful poem and I love the photos too! suzie xxx

Tracey said...

Such a lovely poem and tribute to your dear mom!!! I hope you enjoyed your Mother's day!

Hugs ~

:) T

Lani said...

And to my own godmother, I say the same. Thank you for everything Gypsy!


What a lovely tribute, GP. I'm going to keep it in my file. Just beautiful. said...

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